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Wunderman - Minneapolis


The Pretty Good Show


    Every year, AdFed of Minnesota hosts an advertising awards show to highlight the year’s best ad work created by local agencies. They asked us to concept a theme that would drum up excitement for the event and increase ticket sales. We did them one better.
  2. WORK

    As we strategized, we realized AdFed needed more than a theme to get people excited to come to what was once the city’s biggest ad event. They needed to remind people why they matter, which meant getting back to their roots as an advocacy association. And what better way than by tackling one of the biggest issues in the advertising industry: gender inequality.

    First, we amped up the excitement for the event with a north woods look and feel, something every Minnesotan can appreciate. However, once attendees moved further into the party, they were met with a large white elephant in the room. Literally. This ten-foot-tall, eye-catching installation, along with #elephanttalk, ignited a real conversation about what each of us can do to better the advertising community and our agencies. It also gave what was an awesome party a higher purpose.

    We designed and created all campaign elements, including a pop-up invitation, email invite campaign, interactive landing page and event décor. We also planned and directed the elephant installation.


    • Record-breaking event attendance
    • Started a real conversation about gender inequality