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Wunderman - Minneapolis

Best Buy

Passion Lives Here

  1. CHALLENGE ranks in the top 10 of US retail sites in both visits and sales. As the channel continued to grow, it became imperative for Best Buy to build an onsite advertising solution. The Media Network team was created, however, it was getting lost in a crowded marketplace. We were tasked with building the Media Network brand and boosting its impact, while adopting Best Buy’s new and evolving brand position.
  2. WORK

    We developed the tagline “Passion Lives Here,” celebrating the wide variety of passionate individuals who visit every day. We brought the idea to life with four videos featuring real customers and their unique stories. Each illustrated how technology has impacted their lives and helped them achieve their lifelong goals—whether touring the U.S. in an RV or studying gaming. The videos, along with meaningful data, were woven into the website and sales tools. All helped deliver an experience that captured media buyers’ attention and increased annual advertising revenue.

    In the first year, our campaign increased engagement, opened doors for new relationships, and expanded existing ones—resulting in a 45% YOY increase in campaigns and a 75% lift in flights.