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Wunderman - Minneapolis

TCF Bank

Delightfully Simple

A better banking experience

    TCF Bank was experiencing declining business and a worsening perception. And after making a huge investment in customer service, plus creating a new digital banking experience, they realized their changes only put them in parity with regional banks. They needed to find a way to stand out from the rest, while improving perception and bringing in new customers.
  2. WORK

    Research showed us that, above all else, people want banking to be simple. Something TCF Bank, with the ease and simplicity of their new digital experience, could deliver on. We positioned TCF Bank as the bank you don’t have to think about. One that gives you time for the things that matter.

    Our multi-channel “Delightfully Simple” campaign artfully balanced brand and product messaging to build awareness and consideration of TCF Bank. Through humor and whimsy, the campaign stood out among its competitors while presenting the simplicity of their new banking tools and developing a human tone customers could relate to and appreciate.



    • 1. 5% new customer growth
    • 2. 300% increase in account opens


    • 1. 6% increase in likelihood to act (Advertising Call-to-Action)
    • 2. 20% increase in likelihood to recommend TCF (Net Promoter Score)